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Dominika Jackowska is a freelance animator, storyteller and workshop facilitator currently based in Edinburgh. Born in Poland, Dominika studied BA Hons in Animation at Edinburgh College of Art, specializing in stop-motion filmmaking. 

Having held positions within companies such as Kolik Films, she has worked on shows like the BAFTA Award-winning animated series OOglies. Recently worked on animation projects in partnership with Edinburgh Printmakers and Community Land Scotland.

Since graduating in 2017, she has progressively developed her skill set, expanding her mixed-media animation style as well as exploring the boundaries between sound design and animation through interactive installations. 

Most recently, Dominika exhibited her playful and participatory “Interactive Lightbox” sound and visual installation at V&A Dundee (The Arcadia 2019 Press Play Tay Late), The Royal Scottish Academy (SSA & VAS 2020) and the Edinburgh Festival of Sound 2020. Her work has also been in Edinburgh’s FilmhouseHidden Door Festival and White space, as well as exhibitions in BWA Tarnow in Poland.

Dominika shares her excitement and knowledge of animation through facilitating workshops for children and young people. She has worked across Scotland to deliver activities as a Lead Facilitator with The Zoom Club (animation and digital arts) on a diverse spectrum of digital arts projects with partners such as Puppet Animation Festival ScotlandEdinburgh International Science Festival and the Wellcome Trust. Recently worked with organisations such as TinderboxTinderbox Lab and Lyra.

Always open to exploring new concepts and experimenting with different styles, please contact Dominika to discuss any potential projects, workshops or design challenge ideas.

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Flow (2021) by Lauren Jamieson - Animator & Concept Art Designer

She Climbs Higher (2021) by Gordon Craig - Animator 2D

Story of Bridgend (2021) Community Land Scotland - Project Coordinator & Animator

Secret Life  (2020) Edinburgh Printmaker - Creator, Director, Animator

Ku Pamieci, Obrazy Ktore Ozyly 2 (2020 - in progress) - Creator, Director, Animator

On The Move, Spain (2019) Creator, Director, Animator

Ku Pamieci, Obrazy Ktore Ozyly (2018) - Creator, Director, Animator

Carrot Quest (2017) - Creator, Director, Animator

Elements (2016) - Assistant Animator

OOglies Season 3 (2015) - Art Department

Accident (2015) Assistant Director, Prop & Set Maker

The Zoom Club - Summerhall, 2015 (2015) - Project Assistant

Short Shorts (2015) - Creator, Director, Animator

Crow’s Diary (2015) - Creator, Director, Animator

Muffin Man and Relationship Problems (2014) - Creator, Director, Animator

Bunzzila (2014) - Creator, Director, Animator

Underground (2014) - Creator, Director, Animator

Prayer by Ewa Chrusciel, Trafika Europe (2014) - Creator, Director, Animator

Two Chickens one Bike (2014) - Creator, Director, Animator


2020 Feb - The Edinburgh Festival of Sound (Edinburgh, UK, Teviot Row House) “Room to Play”

2020 Jan - Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh, UK) SSA & VAS “Hands-on”

2019 Sep - Custom House, Leith (Edinburgh, UK) “Room to Paly”

2019 May - V&A Dundee ( Dundee, UK) Arcadia 2019 “Press Play”

2019 Apr - Custom House, Leith (Edinburgh, UK) “Room to Paly”

2018 Jan-Feb - BWA Tarnow (Tarnow, Poland) "WidzeNie" "Seeing"

2017 Jun - ECA, The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, UK) Degree Show

2015 Feb-Mar - WhiteSpace (Edinburgh, UK) “Shorts”

2015 May - Hidden Door Festival (Edinburgh, UK) Film Screening “Shorts

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